I’m a machine learning engineer and my research interests are in generative modelling, speech processing, text analysis, machine learning, and deep learning. Currently pursuing a master’s from the University of Stuttgart, my major is in computational linguistics.

Current work

Research work includes denoising diffusion on speaker embeddings, explainability of CRF-LSTM-based NER models, temporal and spatial word embeddings, and homoglyph detection using attention-based CNNs.

My work includes

Before this, I worked at Quantiphi, Scanta, and Mobile Programming LLC as a machine learning engineer and worked on speaker diarization, multimodal sentiment analysis, NLP augmentor, clinical ner, chatbot using AWS Lex and Dialogflow, customer care call analytics, neural machine translation.

Background and history

Previously I was an undergrad at APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University studying computers and maths. my major project was on “Automatic Catalogue Tagging using Deep Learning”. Other minor projects include an online examination system, school ERP, seawater quality monitoring system, and, online certificate generator. I’m from Agra and currently living in Stuttgart.

Other Works

  • Intel Software Innovator
  • AAAI Reviewer
  • Member of the Board of Studies at OP Jindal University
  • Author with Packt publications
  • Kaggle 3x expert, Top 1% of 300k+ Kaggle users


  • Table Tennis, Chess, Financial Markets, Quantum Physics