Date of Event: September 6, 2019
Venue: Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta Institute of Technology & Management

Event Overview:

In an exhilarating day filled with insights and hands-on activities, the Machine Learning workshop organized by Intel turned out to be a landmark event for aspiring ML enthusiasts. Our auditorium, buzzing with the energy of keen learners, became a crucible for innovation and deep understanding in the rapidly evolving field of Machine Learning.

Highlights of the Session:

  • Practical Learning Approach: The workshop kicked off by laying a solid foundation of Machine Learning concepts, employing a top-down teaching methodology. This approach, tailored to enhance student comprehension, was supplemented by easy-to-grasp visualizations, making complex theories accessible to all attendees.

  • Interactive Sessions: A significant highlight was the interactive segment where students applied ML concepts in real-time. This ’learning by doing’ approach not only solidified their understanding but also sparked a curiosity to explore more.

  • Focus on Modern AI Challenges: Beyond the basics, the workshop delved into the broader spectrum and future challenges of AI, presenting a realistic picture of the field today.

  • High Engagement and Enthusiasm: The packed auditorium was a testament to the success of the workshop, with students showing a blend of contentment and eagerness to learn more.


The day’s success was evident not just in the packed hall and the enthusiastic participation, but also in the heartwarming responses received on platforms like LinkedIn. This positive feedback has left us more energized and committed to organizing similar enriching events in the future.

Looking Forward:

The workshop has set a precedent for future sessions, highlighting the importance of practical, interactive learning in the field of Machine Learning and AI. We are excited about continuing this journey and contributing to the growth of aspiring Machine Learning professionals. Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events in this space!